Pictures of Ravenpaw as a kitten

Born July 15, 2007 All black like a raven fits in the bookshelf Super kitten!
How adorable! Raven likes to climb Raven's a lion Boo!
Cat in a bag What a clever cat OK, now where do I scratch? What is this thing?
On guard Christmas Kitten! Can I go outside now? Two Black Cats
So small! Fixed? I didn't know I was broken.

So Raven is not a kitten any more. 7 months old in February 2008.

A new box to play in Curious Easter Cat

Introducing Rebecca

Adopted June 17Named by the neighbors who gave her to us
A friend for RavenThey get along like big and little sisters

Cats around the House

Raven's mother lives next doorRebecca hiding from RavenRaven hiding from Rebecca
Rebecca sleeping on the refrigeratorRelaxing on the couchInvestigating the bird feeder

If I close my eyes you can't see me.

Here is Polly. The friends who gave us Rebecca found their own calico. And Stella, Russell and Jen's cat.

Where did all the birdies go?

They were here a minute ago.

Hiding under the Christmas tree

Cristmas Dinner! My Place! Turkey Please!

Are you going in or coming out?

It snowed. Do we want to go out?

Ravenpaw's name comes from "Warriors", a series of fantasy novels written by Erin Hunter that follows the adventures of various wild cats as they try to survive in their forest homes.

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