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Results of New Year's Eve storm

Winter tracking in the Blue Hills. That's a coyote track, not a dog.

New England Aquarium February 15

Julia's 11th Birthday

A cake and pillow decorating with friends. A birthday pie and an iPod with family.

Seussical - school play
Julia is a bird girl.

At home, and at Grandma's ...

in Denver with Dave and Laura, followed by a snow storm.

Cambridge Science Festival
Julia and Shea with animal friends.

July 4 Weekend

Red Sox Game July 24

Cape Cod Vacation, August
Welfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Marconi Site, site of the first US transatlantic telegraph station

Also this summer: Julia's contribution to the Burnt Food Museum

2009 IgNobel Prize Ceremony

Lowell National Historical Park


New Year's Eve
First Night Boston: Snow, parade, and concert

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