Pratt Museum, Amherst College
January cold spell
ice on Boston Harbor
Snow Fort
February 2
Valentine's Day Big crowd during the Great Presidents' Day Blizzard of 2003
Maryellen, Jen, Russell, Taylor, Aunt Laura, Cousin Amy
Congratulations to
the winners of our
15th Annual Birthday
Coloring Contest
Julia won a coloring contest, and we went to a party for all the winners.
The cake says it all. clockwise: Julia, Suzanne, Cassidy, Freddy, Carter, Béa Another Cake!

Congratulations Russell!
UMass Class of 2003
May 10: Celebration of Excellence, Commonwealth College
The Honors College at the University of Massachusetts
More celebrating. Grandma and Taylor came too.
Next day, a visit to Yankee Candle

Memorial Day: USS Massachusetts, Battleship Cove Gym Show (Julia top right)

Congratulations, Julia!
Preschool graduation, Ohrenberger School
July 2: There was a deer in our back yard! 4th of July On vacation, August

And now off to kindergarten! Homework already!

Floating head. It's Magic! Halloween Dec 5. Julia read
it all by herself
Dec. 27. First lost tooth