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First Day hike, Houghton's Pond, 1/1/02 A 3 year old with a gingerbread house
JULIA? ... or ... TAYLOR?
Trip to Denver January
Julia's first time on an airplane Aunt Laura & Uncle Dave Loveland Pass, Continental Divide, 11990 feet
Elephant (top) - Denver Zoo sledding outside Grandma's house Rosie the Tarantula! at the Butterfly Pavillion
Komodo Dragon (L) - Denver Zoo baby chick - National Western Stock Show Cousin Amy and her stuffed animals

dancing at a wedding 02/02/02 a chat with Honest Abe 2/12/02 another birthday, another cake 3/4/02
Easter Bunny and Easter Girl
Russell in Hyde Park
(London, March)
Julia in Hyde Park
(Massachusetts, May)



Find out about productions starring (OK not really, but including) TAYLOR and JULIA and RUSSELL

A trip to Amherst to see Russell in May:
Silvestris Rosa Hibernica

Silvestris rosa
Quam dulcissima!
Null' invenias
Sicut rosam meam!

Silvestris rosa
Quam pulcherrima!
Aliquando pro me
Florem capere
Liceat ex silvestri rosa!

The Classics Honor Society Russell's induction 5/2/02

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Russell spent July at an Etruscan archaeological dig in Italy.
(link NS4)

Sunflowers 2002 Julia's tan, Cape Cod, Sept. Val Kilmer (Sept. 28)
WILLOW 3/91-10/02 pre-Halloween shopping
quite unusual photo by Gina
White Thanksgiving All together for Thanksgiving Christmas Eve Choir