cake! 2cake more cake!
2nd Birthday (March 4) The cake!  More cake!
January rainy
Julia fits! Click to compare. In the rain (March) with Mom (March)
Easter Easter
(Dad's shoes) Warning! I am two.
Driving a fire engine (April) dress-up (June) Peony (June - compare to 2001)

Pictures from Ocean City NJ (June)
Daniel, Taylor, Claire, Rebecca, Joseph, Sarah, Russell & Julia on the balcony Russell & Julia
with Cousin Claire
Russell, Taylor, Claire, Joseph, John at the amusement park

More pictures at home
at the park (July) our back yard (July)

Click here for the sunflower slide show!
(It may take a few minutes to load, please be patient)

Taylor (2nd from left), Adelphi Cabaret "Get Real", Oct watching a Broncos game (Oct)
Julia the ladybug
(and Freddy the spider)
Decorating the
Christmas tree